B&R Bouwgroep is a multidisciplinary group operating as one team, concentrating on the separate subsidiary companies. We strive to ensure sustainable growth based on excellent customer relationships, know-how, quality and attention to the individual employee and a pleasant working environment.


B&R Bouwgroep achieves its mission by following a selective contracting policy, by associating knowledge and quality, and by continually improving the business processes. Combining disciplines and knowledge enables the group to immediately delivery quality – something that translates into long-lasting sustainable solutions.

‘We remain a family business where the thresholds are low and an amiable atmosphere prevails.’

In the coming years B&R Bouwgroep has the ambition to continue its controlled growth to become a professional group leading in the field of profitability, quality and sustainability. This is always from the perspective ‘the creation of added value for the customer’ and with ‘employee satisfaction’ as the basis.

Photo d'office de B&R


Algemene Bouwonderneming Hooyberghs was founded by Jef Hooyberghs at the start of the sixties as a traditional carpentry shop. After continuation by son Leo the carpentry shop evolved to become a reputable construction company in the wide Kempen region. More than two decades later, in 1983, the company was converted to NV Algemene Bouwonderneming Hooyberghs. Personal commitment, integrity and craftsmanship were the strong foundations that only saw the family business grow.

In 1995 Eddy Bruyninckx – who had already worked at the family business for years and knew the different company facets through and through – joined up with Ravago Plastics NV. Together they acquired all the shares of NV Hooyberghs. Immediately after the take-over there were structural investments in continuous improvement and the expansion of the products and services.

B&R Bouwgroep NV was founded in 2001. Today this group unites seventeen specialised companies with work for more than 550 employees. All construction disciplines are represented in the company, so any order can be completed from A to Z.

Fast growth

The last decades B&R Bouwgroep grew rapidly. This led both to a robust increase in the number of projects completed, along with a rise in the number of employees, ongoing sites and financial figures.

Despite the strong growth we remain a family business where the thresholds are low and an amiable atmosphere prevails.

Leading role

B&R Bouwgroep plays a leading role and continuously innovates in the more traditional building sector. The subsidiary companies of B&R complement each other in all areas. Most subsidiary companies have found a suitable home in the new working accommodation on the Hoge Mauw industrial estate in Arendonk, along with establishments in Tessenderlo and Hofstade (Aalst).

Working together for our customers

B&R Bouwgroep strives for optimal interaction between all affiliated companies. B&R’s success is based on cooperation in all areas where this brings advantages. Examples here are purchasing, logistics management, knowledge transfer, administrative support and promotion. B&R offers maximum support to its subsidiary companies so each company can individually focus on what it is best at: supplying craftsmanship to our customers.